About me

Firstly I have to say that I struggle with dyslexia so there will be errors!

I am a long time resident of the virtual word of Second Life, 10 years. I have done home decor my whole second life. The first place I decorated was a caravan I found for free. I put it in a sandbox between a road and a haunted house and put all of my “furniture” inside. “Furniture” being treestumps and logs, a giant furnace, a rug and a privacy screen. It looked horrendous, but it sparked an undying interest.

Another interest I found while in Second Life is the thirst for new inovations in game. (Not obvious to me at first with flexi being made a thing shorty before I joined SL. Which I had a stong attraction to I might add! I camped for 2.5 hours to get 5 lindens to buy my first flexi dress!) This obsession with NEW was first made obvious to me when I wished for clothes like I saw in other games like “The Elder Scrolls Oblivion”. I explained it something like this: ‘like clothing that will follow the movements of our avatars and not be like the pieced together prim pants and the awful system skirts!’ Lo and behold, a few years after the mesh rumors surfaced and looking into it I found the answer to my dreams! And as soon as I heard about the only mesh enabled sim with a little cafè and a freebie mesh dress I jumped on it. I sat there in my mesh dress that were nothing like my style, but still the new shiny I wanted to flaunt and waited for the rest of the grid to catch up.

Mesh also made a huge impact on my building game as I no longer had to battle with eyewateringly (is that even a word?) high land impact on my builds when I bought a builders pack with your basic walls, windows and doors. Not to mention how much stuff I could fit in my house now that a great potted flower wasn’t 30LI! I have elaborated on my transition to mesh in my blog, so I won’t go into further details on this here.

Following all of this I invested in mesh hands, feet, boobs and butts. (I had already been using prim hands and feet for some time. Those oh-so-pretty-but-gawd-so-renderheavy-prim-hands!) I never used the boobs or buts much, but had to have them since they were new and exciting, bye bye lindens. In all of this I also discoverd Liquid mesh. A lovely pair of jeans released by Redgrave with some amazing new technology! They let me keep my ample system butt which had been my staple through all of my SL, Yay! And turns out this technology wasn’t a blip on the radar either as Linden Lab built it into their future releases and gave us the gift of fitted mesh wich in turn opened the door to avatar enhancers like I had never seen them before: the WowMeh mesh body.

The holy grail of mesh bodies at the time WowMeh! I adored it and spent that whole summer in my applier bikini in and around my newly finished home (with a pool mind you) on my second piece of SLand. I was in SL heaven! And soon after SLink released their Physique and me having been a loyal SLink shopper since before mesh was a thing decided to take that route. Not to say I didn’t demo all the mesh bodies that I could get my pretty mesh hands on, and I ended up picking up a few more mesh bodies.

Then we all lived happily for a while with our new and pretty mesh bits untill Linden Lab hit us with some more shiny stuff, Bento! *insert angelic noises here* Finally fingermovement and mesh heads with expressions, and wings and tails that move without the need for multiple meshes to simulate movement! I guess I will not need to add much more about bento here as that is where my blog starts on this point:)

Well, now I’ll shut up and kindly direct you to my hopefully enjoyable blog. I hope you enjoy this blog and that it in some way might inspire you. Thanks for reading!

❤ from Nea