Nevgilde Gaard

Nevgilde Gaard

It has been very quiet on my blog this past year but since the interest for Nevgilde Gaard has tickled quite a few induividuals I wanted to take this opportunity to share a short version of the full story of it’s creation.

This project started way back in early 2018 with the conception of The Corner Cafè. A little cafè/bookshop I created on a homested I shared with a friend. Unfortunately this litle spot didn’t work out and the idea was put on ice untill a new friendship gave me the chance and push to unfold my creativity once again.

From Flickr: In July 2018 I started work on the Nevgilde Forest and The Corner Cafè, imagined as an old abandoned farm retaken by nature and discovered by a group of friends who decided to set up camp and have fun. Meant as a nice scenic space for hangouts, relaxation, live music & DJ’s and for taking pictures Nevgilde Forest and the Corner Cafè took shape. It was a project made possible by a new friendship formed at a birthday party we both attended in SL, a project I had always wanted to do and so loved working on! I could finally let my creativity and inspiration soar and take form.
Roughly a month and a half later Nevgilde Forest sadly had to close down and move due to some unforseen events. It moved to a smaller mainland parcel with a hefty cut in prims. This meant that it could never be what it once was, but The Corner Cafè remained as I felt that a scenic, if ever so tiny, spot was my dream leaving behind any possibility for live music or dancing.

As it stands at present day Nevgilde and The Corner Cafè will part ways. Both will be landscaped and decorated by me (mostly) and will still feel very much like they belong together but they will not be on the same sim. The Corner Cafè will stay at the mainland parcel and Nevgilde Forest is under reconstruction at a new spot, bigger and better than it ever was. Nevgilde will now be a full blown scenic parcel 1/8 of a sim with possibility for live music and dancing once again! Our schedule for DJ’s and live performers is open. We also warmly welcome photographers as our spot is full of lovely buildings, furniture and props with great poses as well as landscaping inspired by the Norwegian nature.

This has been a rocky ride, but that is how it is in Norway, our roads are winding and narrow, but they always lead somewhere, and this somewhere looks to be one of the good places.
Join us soon as we retake this old farm from nature and make it into a beautiful fun place to hang out alone or with friends, listen to music either live or our relaxing radio channel and last but not least enjoy the view

This was posted on 4th of December of 2018 and 12 days later Nevgilde Forest opened it’s doors to an audience I could never have dreamed of. We got so much praise for our work and we are both eternally grateful for it!

A few shorts months after this – in June of 2019 – Nevgilde Forest again closed it’s doors. At first a remodeling was planned, but as it turned out a move and a need to start over from scratch – again – due to some unplanned events had to happen. It was not an easy desicion as a steady flow of visitors had kept our little dream afloat and alive for six months, but things happen for a reason and there is nothing to do but go with the flow.

So there I was, flying solo on this project in particular. I knew I wanted to continue the journey of Nevgilde, but rebuilding it as it had been didn’t feel like an option. For a year Nevgilde Forest had fought to stay alive and it had a very good run. Better than I could have ever dreamed of hoping for in a Second Life where a full region or at least a homestead seemed to be required for creating a scenic sim. It was finally time to let The Forest rest and start on the next chapter. And that is exacly how the idea of The Nevgilde Story was concieved.

Imagined as a spot within – or rather on the edge of – The Nevgilde Forest, Nevgilde Gaard arose form the depths of my imagination, fuled by hopes and dreams. I created a rugged little piece of shoreline huged tightly by the Forest and caressed by waves. At the scenter of Nevgilde Gaard lies the Nevgile Gaard Farmhouse from which the place get’s it’s name. A little house that started it’s life at the beginning of this year – in February when I decided I finally wanted to learn how to use Blender is the heart of Nevgilde Gaard and a creation spaning almost six months finally saw the Farmhouse finished in July of 2019.

A journey was rocky as the Norwegian road mentioned above took Nevgilde Gaard to it’s quiet slip-under-your-door opening with no bells and whistles attached.  I had no idea of how I wanted to make the opening of my little dream as I have no particular skills in such things so I saw it best to just declare it open and spread the word via my Flickr feed as quite a lot of talented people have found their way to following me there. As quiet as the opening was it brought a fair few visitors who snapped pictures, shared the landmark and helped breathe life into this place. Very much like the backstory behind the original Nevgilde Forest where a few friends found an abandoned old farm at the edge of the forest and decided to set up camp to have fun –  Nevgilde Gaard now does just that with the help of all of you who visited and continues to do so every day. All of you create this story. Thank you!


Welcome back to The Nevgilde Story!


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