Dulled senses, dulled sense

Wonderfully put into words!

Please go check out the Youtube video where the author reads this piece and you can enjoy the beautiful drawing without watermark.

Moiret Allegiere

Heimlaus lowres

All our senses and all our sense have been dulled by toothless swine. If we succumb to our laughter, we are led to the gallows and hung with a noose of ADHD-drugs wrapped tightly around our whiplashed necks. A straightforward lynching in the classrooms. Grand halls reek of foul abuse. The cancer is spreading. We`ve all got it by now, you know, oh boy.

We have skin as thin as paper wrapped over muscles unflinching and unfeeling, jaws clenched by stress and neck and shoulders aching. The ache we feel in the age of conformity narrows our breath, our veins can no longer carry the oxygen to our brains, so that we can no longer think and as a result we can no longer speak. We are dull and numbed, fat and bored, lost in a society in which we are forgotten, cast away to lick the jackboots of our…

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