Genus Project Bento Head


As many of you might know the Genus Bento head has been in development for a while and I have been waiting for this since the 19th of June. The day after the initial beta sale ended and I finally caught on about what was happening. I beat myself up for not asking that lady I saw at June 15 Fifty Linden Friday where she got her amazing mesh head! That’s right I saw the Genus head in person and let it slip away, haha. Following Naria Panthars suggestion I popped over to the Genus store sim and picked up a demo even after it was closed down. I know we were told not to, but that was after I had already done it. #thuglife

Anyway as of 10th of August the Beta is back on sale until the final release and I was lucky enough get back to my keyboard just as the notice was sent out about the re-release. Needless to say I jumped on it, teleported over to throw my lindens at Anna. I got there so early that the sim wasn’t even full yet and I left about 60 seconds later one Genus head richer.

Home at my place I opened the box and put on the head and the HUD for the first time. I had no problems rezzing any of the shine or texture options and had a blast playing with everything!  For me the HUD operates smoothly and is easy to figure out and there are rumours about a new tab or HUD with animations and expressions coming too! For now the mocap animations are in the form of gestures you have to start manually and they stop after a TP. I am willing to work around this though since I love this head so much! I was able to replicate and improve on my shape that I used on my LeLutka Greer head. The Genus has a nose I like much more and the sliders are so responisve so any look is possible to achieve, within reason of course.
Now I just need to gather up the lindens to get the Omega installer so I can apply Omega skins to this beauty! Oh, I can’t wait as I have ben working on a skin for several months now. I need to try it on this head and get my fingers on a developer kit.

The Head now sells for 3000L$ but will go up to 5500L$ at the full release so get it now – or later it’s worth it either way and I feel so lucky we got a second chance at the Beta. Thank you so much Genus Team!


So happy ❤ from Nea

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