The Non-Feminist Declaration

via The Non-Feminist Declaration

NON feminist
The first time I was asked if I was a feminist I was 17 years old. I had never really given it much thought so I replied that I was not sure. The next statement I was present with read as follows: “Don’t you want equality for women? Of course you are a feminist!” Shocked I replied that I wanted equality so I guess I was a feminist although the label never really felt like it fitted.

Over the last year I have studied this power house of a wrecking machine that feminism is and come to the conclusion that I am a NON feminist. I also became “Red Pilled” in the process. Please go check out the original post and add your name to the signatories.
Educate yourself, analyze everything people say with a critical eye and help stop this now.

I really wanted to write more here, but I can’t seem to simmer it down to something that won’t take up several pages so I’ll just end it on my winning argument against a feminist who clearly didn’t understand the meaning of it: I believe in equality!


NON feminist ❤ from Nea

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