The Feel of Soft Leather

The Feel of Soft Leather

I owned a pair of tan leather flats that I got second hand many years ago. Not unlike the ones in this picture. I used to wear them all the time. They have walked on cobble stones, asphalt, forest trails, stone tiles, inside and outside. They moulded perfectly to my feet over the years. They had red flowers and stripes on the lining.
Every spring when I took them out and slipped them on it felt like a hug for my feet. They would let the air touch my arches and let me feel the ground I was walking on for the first time since winter. They would be so light on my feet that I would want to skip and run all the time.

Early this year I took them out and they didn’t fit anymore. The soft leather had stretched out and they slipped right off of my feet when I went to walk in them. Saddened I decided to give them up and out they went with the spring cleaning.
When spring hit with warmer weather I decided to dig out my summer kicks and found one of these tan leather flats. I had only tossed out the one! My heart made a leap until I realized what had happened. I wished I had kept the other one just for the memory of it.

So finally I say goodbye to the best pair of leather flats I have ever had the pleasure to wear on my feet. All others will be measured towards these and will not measure up. Good leather shoes are the ones that have come to know your feet. Every curve, bone and toe by heart. The ones that are no longer any brand or certain colour. The ones that are only yours. The ones that will never fit any other.

❤ From Nea


Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Brown
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Suitcases from Nutmeg. Our Dacha Moments Tricycle Black
[DDD] Dandesweet Grass – Big Patch
Skye Four Season Oak Tree (only flowers)

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