House Tour and packing it all up

Hi Corner Creatures!

Packing up Willowdale

Today I got a video for you guys. A few days ago I had to pack up my home at Willowdale Estate due to some unplanned events. I really will miss this place though and moving was a hard choice, but one that had to happen:( Well, I won’t go into the negative here. It is an awesome place with that little extra attention to detail and service. I don’t think I have waited more than two hours in total for a reply after contacting the owner about one issue or another, hehe.

A little about my land: I rented a corner lot with sunset view and a glorious beach, which I removed for winter though, so it won’t make a big appearance in the video. The potential of the land will however. At least I think so, but I decorated it so of course I’d say that, haha. Well, I’ll stop boring you now, please hop on over to Youtube, or check out more of my blog if you just came from there.

Check out Willowdale Estate to see what the fuzz is about:


Don’t remember all the credits to this shot as I forgot to take them:

Scarlet Creative Classy Manor
Framed bowties from Apple Fall
Jewlry and watch cases from Bazar
I think the lamp and jewelry box is from Dust Bunny.
Trees outside are from Studio Skye

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