Completely Revamping a Classic Linden Lab Avatar.

Winter love

Hello corner creatures!

Several months ago I asked if you guys were interested in some stuff for men here on my blog, I don’t know what you guys think about that, but I have decided to try my hands at blogging some guy stuff! Yaay!

I have spent the last week browsing bento heads, mesh bodies, some clothing stores, been shopping at Shoetopia, all to get a grip on this huge task I have set myself and to make myself a male alt. A male alt. The thought seemes so daunting though. To spend 10000s of thousands of lindens on something I only use for blogging. This has never been my goal in SL. I have always bought myself stuff that I felt like using. Not to say that I haven’t bought a shitload of usless stuff, hehe, but still.
Today though I found some men’s shoes at Shoetopia that my dear hubby have been wanting in RL and I decided to do what should have been obvious to me from the start: I decided to ask my hubby to let me upgrade his SL avatar. Eeep!
I would have freaked out if somebody asked this of me!
My hubby though, the sweetest, and most awesome thing in the world kindly gave me permission to style his classic SL avi in full mesh from head to toe. He doesn’t use SL much, but at least the lindens spent would go towards not only blogging, but also hopefully some enjoyment for him when he does log on once in a blue moon:) The last time he was online, and only by my request for a couples picture, was in December of 2016! ❤ you Hubby!

Anyway I am rambling a bit aren’t I. Today I logged into his account, made a folder system for clothes, shoes and accessories in his inventory and got a bunch of mesh body part demos. And the answer is no. I didn’t get any naughty body parts you pervs, *giggles*

I don’t know how long one usually take to upgrade to mesh now that everything is readily available. Myself I upgraded as the products became available, so no huge bulk cost. But for dear hubby we would need to shell out at least 9K all at once just for head, body and skin. Then comes hair, both for head and face. And then some clothes for the poor guy.

If I could ask one huge favour of you guys it would be to please send me LMs, links or just names of stores that sell stuff for men. I have found some myself, but SL is so vast that I don’t think I have scratched the surface.

Manly, but appropriate ❤ from Nea




In this old picture:

On me:
Catwa Catya bento mesh head
Catwa Rigged Eyes Catya (with home made texture. Or texture from the Catwa Eyes hud)
Maitreya Lara mesh body
L’Etre – Cindy Skin [Pearl Tone] applier for Catwa and matching body, feet and hands appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Omega in Pearl
SN Fae mesh ears
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe
Vista Prohand right V.1 FINAL
Vista Prohand left V.1 FINAL
*{Junbug}* Edwardian Engagement Ring [Rose Gold]
Yellow and white gold wedding band made by me
Rose gold collar made by me
Silver ruby ring made by me
Diamond nose stud made by me
Blueberry – Cory – Sweater Dress – Maitreya
Blueberry – Craven – Glass Heels Boots – Maitreya
~i~ Essential Tights Applier HUD 2

On Falaacus Allegiere:
A&A Top Hat Basic
Boy next door skin Linden Lab Library
Eyes (Velvet Brown)
Hair is by me, but not for sale
Rest of his outfit is made by me and can, unfortunately still be found in my Marketplace store.


Our lovely Christmas surroundings:

dust bunny . acorn treehouse . RARE
dust bunny . acorn treehouse . RARE
Crete- Hammock chair
LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree – Classic
LAQ Decor ~ Lantern String Lights (Colored)
dust bunny . blanket stool
Pixicat Sphynx
[DDD] Low Poly Tree – Small – D


Check out my husbands work:


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