Ears for Easter!

New ears for Easter

What were the first thing you ever did when you figured out the Second Life avatar customization thingy?
I don’t recall the very first thing I did, but the one that stuck with me till this day were the pointy ears. I have had pointy ears since forever and my first pair of glorious sculptie hang glider sized elf ears were the *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin/Naturals by *~*Illusions*~*, complete with jewelry. How I adored them! (1. portrait)

*~*Illusions*~* Elfin

Sunset Bath

Headshot catya 2

New ears for Easter closeup
I wore those until I downsized and invested in mesh *~*Illusions*~* Pixie Ears (2. portrait) back in 2012. In 2014 I was on the hunt for new ears with piercings and landed on SN ~ Mesh Fae Ears S1D1 by Sinful Needs (3. portrait). Those are a masterpiece, but was too high complexity for me at the time. I took to wearing them in 2016 though and had them stuck to the sides of my face until yesterday.
I bought the Basic Mesh Ears from L’etre (4. portrait), same creator as my skin, so no need to fuzz around endlessly to make the texture match. Although the texture is endlessly different from the skin on my head. Yes, they match up very well and looks almost seamless from a distance, but up close you can see that the ear texture is very real looking and full of detail where as the skin on my head is smoother and more “perfect” ’cause who wants pores and shit in SL? Well, I kinda do, but that is another story 😛 I like my new ears is my point although hard to grasp within all this mess. Also, they come with optional materials, which looks awesome sometimes and like plastic other times, again that is the nature of the beast though. Ears and faces are not the same, and not all SL lights will be flattering. I would like to see rigged ears though for the different mesh heads, but I guess that is out of the question. Or maybe some real pointy ears from Catwa? The sliders just doesn’t cut it once you are used to the precise tip of a ad-on mesh elf ear. A girl can dream though, and things I have wished for have come true before…

(Note that in the pictures where the seam between my head and the ears appear invisible it is because I have photshopped it! No ad-on ear look like that is SL unless they use the same tecnique as the neck fix provides. And then you got alpha glitches!)

I would also take this opportunity to ask you guys to take a closer look at my top and wedges in the first picture. The top is part of a set almost free on the Marketplace, BD-Kiana ethno strapless crop top & shorts . And the Wedges are the [ Vertice ] Mocha Wood – (SLINK) Wedge Sandals  . They both look so cute that it should be illegal, haha. And although the top is called “ethnic” I only see easter egg pattern. Might be because of my bunny poses from Sari-Sari. A group gift I logged on to find a few days ago. Anyway I love the look I put together with these great finds. I love to mix and match once in a while. We all were kings and queens of this back in the days of system layers with mod copy permissions!
What was your first major thing in SL? Anything goes, just use common sense 😉

Royal early Earster greeting to you all and

What I have mixed and matched:

L’Etre – Basic Mesh ears 2017 [RIGHT]// MIX // MATERIALS (New wardrobe staple!)
L’Etre – Basic Mesh ears 2017 [LEFT]// MIX // MATERIALS (New wardrobe staple! Yeah, would look great with just the one 😛 )
::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Joanne. (S/M/L)  (Gacha item, machine located at the main store)
*JB* Jacqui Bolero – Taupe – Lara
BD-Kiana top ethno MAITREYA (Free gift)
TETRA – Pencil Skirt (Rose) – Maitreya
[ Vertice ] Mocha Wood – Wedge Sandals (R)
[ Vertice ] Mocha Wood – Wedge Sandals (L)
CODE-5 Byanca v01 1 (Free group gift if you join their group)
BackBone Inspirational Rings – Think Limitless (Gacha item, machine located at the main store)


Sari-Sari – bunny03 (bento) 1 picture
Animare home made pose on the spot. Hand pose from Vista HUD 2. picture
Animare home made pose on the spot some time ago 3. picture
Bazar Traveler Bed pose 4. picture
Sari-Sari – bunny02 (bento) 5. picture

My not so easter suroundings:

Enchanted Woods v2 – 6 (slope)
1 Prim Privacy Pine Grouping (with my own texture)
Stone Bundle Scene by Felix 3 Prim 15×15 M Size copy-mody ( with my own texture)
Skye Twisted Tree
. a i s l i n g . Old Fountain (Phantom)
LAQ Decor ~ Mossy Stonewall
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade: Venice Palazzo Vinci MC Prefab 1
LAQ Decor ~ Medium Birch (Summer) – Animated
[DDD] Low Poly Tree – Large – B
[DDD] Low Poly Tree – Large – A
Trompe Loeil – Ceres Lamp Post
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall with Door
Brick wall with ivy made by me
JCKLP / Before The Ball (Cinderella hunt item)
Stone on the ground texture on prim made by me
Bazar Traveler bed
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Curtains Cream MT (Elfin picture, Gacha item)

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