A Noob today!

A Noob Today

Evereything on the floor and everything I am wearing except for my hair, sweater and choker was completely free!

I visited the Project Se7en for their 1 year anniversary today. I won’t lie, this thing is completely new to me. Never been here before or heard about it until yesterday so this is rally in keeping with what my blog is about. Yaay! Or not – I don’t know. But anyway, I bet most of you readers have heard about Project Se7en before and for those of you who hasn’t, here is a little something and a link to their blog:

The Project Se7en is a non-themed event runs on the 30th of every quarter (i.e. March, June, Sept, Dec) of the year. It is designed to collaborate our favorite creators on the grid who offer high quality designs AS WELL AS some small-to-mid scale stores with unique and original creations that you seldom see in events. We aim to meet with large variety of guests from different genders, different tastes, different styles and different countries.

This sounds very tempting for a near uncontrollable shopper like myself, so over I went to have a look and pick up the group anniversary gifts. There really were a whole lot to look at and lots of shiny gifts to pick up. Sadly there were not many for the gentlemen of SL, which is very sad really. On my first visit I picked up a bento pose for the gents, but that is all I saw! So maybe Project Se7en should urge their designers to maybe include more stuff for the other gender as they advertise themselves as wanting to meet with different genders? I don’t know. This post is not gonna go that routhe today, but is that something I should touch on later? Tell me in the comments if you wanna see that!

Anyway, back on topic: This load of freebies got me thinking of how nice it must be to be a noob today. If I started SL last November with a premium account I would have a home, fully furnished and decorated to excess by now for free! In the Christmas calendars you get tons and tons of neat free stuff and events like this offers even more of both makeup, home decor, accessories, shoes and clothing. Even Catwa appliers!

I recently made an alt and she is by now dressed in mesh head, body, feet, (sometimes) bento hands, hair, shoes, clothes and looks pretty decent. I don’t think I spent more than 400L$ on her to date! I can even afford to be picky about the shade of brown her hair is.
I am not gonna make a tutorial on how I did this because that is really not my area of expertise and there are far better blogs and video tutorials out there to help you with that. I’ll link some below in case any gorgeous noobs stumbles upon my humble blog. Not that I see how or why, but I am happy if you do!

Regeneration, a blog with plenty of useful tips for a new avatar

Mesh body addicts, a list of all the mesh bits there is out there. No, not the naughty ones!

Some SL pampering

profile photo Honey Nea 2048

Two glimpses of my alt a few days after she was born. Looking pretty good no? She is the brunette in case you didn’t guess it 😛

I think my absolute favourite thing (hums tune) at the Project Se7en anniversary event were the amazing Carved Camellia Clogs. You have to balance on your tippy toes to wear them and the textures are really to die for. It is almost like I can feel them against my palm when I imagine touching them. They look like they are sturdy yet not heavy and I think I might be living in these come the warmer weather.
Another favourite is the skirt from Cubic Cherry. Funny story: Cubic Cherry and *~*NeA’s*~* Started out in the same skybox with a handful of prims each to work with. Of course Cubic Cherry was under the name .::Kre-ations::. back then. I am so happy they are in so many events now. My heart jumped the first time I saw them at “We < 3 Roleplay”! So cool to know that I saw the beginning of it 😀
Back to the skirt, I really like it and I think it is so cool that Cubic Cherry is making clothing for Maitreya now, but I had some glitching with my hip sticking out through the waistband. I tried editing my shape and if you up the saddle bag the problem goes away, and coupled with the alpha HUD I think you should be good if you have this problem.
As the Rufly skirt is pretty short in the back I was glad to see that another of the gifts was a pair of Dotty Panties from Milk Tea. Never heard of the store, but I’ll be checking them out!

I think this about wraps it up for this time. Have fun reading and watching all the links to people who are better at giving presenting information than me;)

But I wonder, should I check into the issue with the lack of male content at events that cater to not only one gender? Let me know!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a lot of


What I am wearing in the first picture:

::C’est la vie !:: Bonnie headband / TP7 Gift

*PL* star earrings
Wednesday[+] ~ Gradient Lips Gift
PICHI – Dont forget to love …. Tattoo (Maitreya Applier)
[Cubic Cherry] {Rufly} skirt maitreya (exp) Plain SEA
Milk Tea: Project 7 Birthday gift – Dotty Panties in Coral
:: c.A. :: Eris (socks) -TP7-BdayGift AD
*{( konpeitou )}* carved camellia-clogs

Decor items in the first picture:

{-Maru Kado-} Tatami rug-1
*FG* B-Day Mini Cake
* Lil Easter Pot * Project seven gift (Add me 🙂 )
[ zerkalo ] Boho Spring Sign
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Decorative curtains -gift
Quasi – Star Light
Serenity Style- Hello -Gift

Stuff in this picture that is not from the Project Se7en anniversary event:

Rowne Salon.Sasha Hair.Medium
ISON – wrap off sweater -maitreya- (maroon) no lock

MudHoney Clara Settee – White
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Cupboard MT
*HEXtraordinary* Marble Buddha Statue
*Hextraordinary* Lotus Candle Holder
*HEXtraordinary* Buddha Incense Burner
Bazar Paris – Books
{what next} Cafe Vintage Wall Prints (with my own pictures in the frames)


  1. Thank you so much for the link to Regeneration! You made me dance like a schoolgirl to be mentioned alongside such amazing blogs as Strawberry Singh and Mesh Body Addicts.

    I’ll definitely have to check out Project Se7en, loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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