Because Shadows in SL are Awesome. And Books, Books too!

Because Shadows in SL are Awesome. And Books, Books too!

This post is just a little celebration of the simple things in life. Or Second Life rather. The simple, yet major thing that is shadows. How they bring even the simplest of shots to life and adds volumes to them.

This was just a pretty picture before I turned on the shadows. Then it came alive, started breathing. Brought forth memories of early spring days from my childhood when books were often my only friends.
The scent of new grass and tiny leaves on the trees. The first flowers and the promise of more to come. The excitement for summer and the sensation of warmth in the rays of the sun for the first time after a long, cold and dark winter.
The joy of a few stolen moments after school completely alone, but not lonely, on the living room floor with a book or just my thoughts. When the only sound was the wooden walls settling from the warmth of the sun, and the world seem to stand still and exist for a moment just for me.

What I am sharing my soul in:

DOUX – Noelia Hairstyle [Unrigged]
-Pixicat- All-Seeing.Top nr.1 – Blue (Maitreya)
-Pixicat- All-Seeing.Skirt nr.1 – Blue (Maitreya)
ISON – agnes cardigan -maitreya- (pink)
Belgravia – Patent 120_Nude

LAQ Decor ~ White – Main Bookcase
LAQ Decor ~ White – Glass Cabinet
LAQ Decor ~ White – Bookcase
.:revival:. sad tree light
.:revival:. elegant rug
:CP: Book Ribbons
floorplan. library canvas

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