Contemplating a Face Lift

Hello everybody. Ready for a load of mess and rambling?

Contemplating a facelift

For the last few weeks I have felt really torn about the new bento heads coming out from Catwa and LeLutka. I have been a Catwa fan since before they started making mesh heads and I have always liked how their heads look. They feel like me, or three of them does at least. And I love LeLutka hair, their Swish line is so wonderful! But I never fell for their mesh heads. They always felt a bit stiff to me. I can’t really think of any better way to describe them, god knows I have tried, haha.
My current bento head which I love is Catya by Catwa, but there is no definition in the hollow of the cheek on this head and I miss that. I own Annie and Sarah from their regular mesh head line and Sarah has amazing bone structure which I tried to replicate with Catya. As you can see in my pictures I don’t think I am that far off.

I have demoed Kimberly and Lilo, but both fall short for me. Kimberly just doesn’t feel right and Lilo has too narrow eyes for my taste. I really thought Lilo was my new head though, she kinda reminded me of Sarah in the first pictures released of her. I was so disappointed when I could not make a shape for her that I loved D,:

So today I decided I was going to pick up the demo of the new bento mesh head from LeLutka called Chloe, to see if it had something going for it. And for the first time I am feeling like LeLutka has at least hit the target for me, it is not a bullseye but not too far off either. I like the eyes, face shape, chin and the lips look more alive than on normal LeLutka heads.

I have been demoing both Chloe and Simone 2.0 since I logged on today, about 6 hours. In that time I have demoed skins, hairs and just hung out at home while I do some RL stuff in between. Chloe really started growing on me, but as I sat down to write this post I am feeling myself falling out of love with her again…

– So I got interrupted by RL yet again while I was typing that last sentence and when I look at Chloe now I kinda like her in a way again. The face shape really is gorgeous and so are the eyes, but the shape of the nose and those lips are still bugging me. Don’t really know what it is though.

As you may notice I am still very much on the fence about my second bento head. I am really wanting a new one with those nice pronounced cheekbones, but I don’t want to settle for something I don’t love completely. Neither Kimberly or Lilo is an option for me, Simone got those stiff lips and I am not too keen on Chloe’s nose or lips. But so far LeLutka looks to be my best bet which feels strange.

This is moving us on to the real reason for me writing this post. I feel guilty about maybe moving on from Catwa. I rarely switch between bodyparts and when I move on from one avatar enhancement product I usually never go back. I had the same feelings of guilt when I changed body from Slink to Maitreya. Now I only see what I don’t like about the Slink bodies. I am afraid this will happen with my Catwa heads as well. *sigh* I know this is silly perhaps, but it is my reality at the moment.
So to finish this up I am still undecided about my next bento head and no closer to a choice. And I am wondering if I am alone in my guilt when moving one from one designer to the next? Please say I am not alone!

Confused ❤ from Nea

What I am contemplating in:

[LeLutka]-LUMEN hair – StrawberryBlonde
LeLutka.Head.Chloe 2.6-DEMO

Soy. Vanty Set – C88 Limited Fatpack
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Red
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Nude
Bazar Forest – Candle b (modded)
[LeLutka]-LUMEN hair – StrawberryBlonde
.LeLutka.Head.Chloe 2.6-DEMO


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