Creative self care

Creative self Care 2

It has been a few stressful days in RL so when I came on SL today I didn’t think I was gonna do a post, but then inspiration hit me. I have modded my Scarlet Creative home and added a row of french doors on the opposite side of the house where there was a wall before. I like my view and prefer as many windows as possible in my home. Even if this view only is of the waterfall and stone wall of my plot border. I still think it is nice to feel like the outside almost comes inside and vice versa.
I also dug through my inventory to find my old favourite: this reading blanket from Off Brand Furniture. I don’t know if they are still in business, but the couples poses are wonderful and I might need to try and drag my hubby with my into SL so I can get a couple of shots of the both of us on this prim wonder. Amazingly this blanket with all props comes in at only 13LI which is actually quite good. The props also move around to fit each pose, so there is a lot of versatility in this item. The texture selection is almost unmatched with so many textures for the books, individual pillows and even your reading material. I have brought this blanket with me from my most goth days up till what you see today which is very much pastels. Yikes, I never thought I’d see the day!

Creative self Care
Well anyway moving on but still sticking to the colour scheme is my new lace blouse from Asteia called Scarlet. I bought it a couple of days ago and I love it. I have known about Asteria for some time but never bought anything from them, but after I visited their main store and got to try the demos on for free, (they are 1L$ on the marketplace) I have decided I need at least a few things more from them. The rigging is spot on for my Maitreya Lara body and the textures are very nice. Even better is the prices which is very reasonable indeed and you get items that are a little out of the box from what we normally see. But still all quite wearable, which is important to me.
Still rocking the Doux hair I got last week in my new favourite colour. I wish more creators would do more strawberry blond shades. I looked a while, not that I have gone through all of SLs hair designers, but of all my favourites only Doux and Magika does nice strawberry blonds. Does any of you guys know about other creators that make those lovely light red shades?

Well, I think that is all from me this week. And it has been a good week overall, both in RL and SL. I wish you all happy Saturday and can’t wait to see you again next week ❤

Asteria”Scarlet”[Maitreya] Blouse – Beige
TETRA – Pencil Skirt (Rose) – Maitreya
Medusa Shoes Patent Coral
L’Etre. Les accessoires – Veronique flower crown (repositioned)
DOUX – Veronique Hairstyle [M]
alaskametro<3 “Basix” lingerie Clarity – Omega Classic HUD (Wearing opaque and lace bra layered)
alaskametro<3 “Fall Essentials” makeup palette – Omega TESTER (eyemakeup only, tinted pink)
liptint applier made by me

Skye Twisted Tree
:::OBF::: Couple Reading Blanket (Texture Change)
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)


JVTEK LandMap Magic

This is not going to be a tutorial, I just wanted to share my joy for this product! If you want an in depth tutorial please check out this Youtube video . So with that out of the way here we go:

I wanted to share this amazingly cool item called the JVTEK LandMap with you guys. It is my holy grail for the garden and will completely transform your land! As it is a bit of a job to get it to match up when doing larger than 32×32 sized land that is not free of decorating items. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures mid process, but I recreated it as best I could.

JVTEK LandMap joy 1
This is the scanner set up and mapping the land at it’s default size. Particles must be on for this if not you are setting yourself up for a harder job than you need to. You can move those little beacons that emits the fence of light to make the mapped area bigger or smaller as you need to.

JVTEK LandMap joy 2

In the next shot you see the LandMap laid down. It originally has a texture with the JVTEK LandMap logo on them, but as I said I forgot to take pictures of that.
To get to this point you have to lock the scanner and go to the web page it directs you to and from there save the sculptie to your chosen folder and from there upload it as a normal texture to SL. Or sculpties if you needed more than one scanner to cover your land. I used four for mine. And yes, you heard that right I said sculptie! These things are ye ol’ sculpties. I have said I love old stuff! Don’t be scared though you won’t notice what they are and they are pretty low land impact. My four ones linked together come in at only 8LI.
When you have uploaded the sculptie texture it will have a name and you just drop them on the scanner with the same name. Double check the names so you drop them in the right place.

JVTEK LandMap joy 3

In this shot you see me all happy about having my chosen texture laid out on my LandMap, although my new little Frenchie doesn’t look too impressed. I think it is rather awesome though, haha.
You can use the scanners to texture your land if you wanted too, it says how to in the manual, which is very easy to follow. But I chose to delete the scanners at this point and just texture manually. It works just as good for my needs.
It is also at this point I go and fix the places where the land underneath pokes through at some places. This is one of the things you need to keep in mind when using this tool. If your land settings are too extreme or you went nuts with the terraforming the LandMap won’t cover everything perfectly. But it is easily fixed either following the LandMap manual or the lazy way like me, just go and lower the bits that poke through a tad. Go easy on the strength though.


At this last picture you can see some of the problems the LandMap has with extreme terraforming. This part of my land is usually covered by the Enchanted Woods v2 – 6 (slope) and my 1 Prim Privacy Pine Grouping  (not shown here and normally retextured with my own texture) so it doesn’t bother me, but I thought I should take the opportunity to show you how you should not do it when using this tool.
When done with the new ground texture I would also normally retexture the base of my items from Skye like the Enchanted Woods and Twisted tree to match. I just kept it’s normal texture to clearly show that it is not part of the LandMap.

So this is it for now. And I think we can all agree about my claim in my first blog post that I would be here very week at most actually meant several times a week, haha. I am really enjoying this and I also just realized that this blog is now a month and a day old, so maybe some celebrations is in order? I’ll at least have some cake!

Thanks for reading guys ❤

What I am gardening in:
DOUX – Veronique Hairstyle [M]
L’Etre. Les accessoires – Veronique flower crown
*JB* Meghan Shirt – Sky – Maitreya
*JB* Meghan Scarf – Maitreya
Blueberry – Pizza Jeans – CutieBootie – Maitreya
T – Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe [Manifold] (F) (older gacha)
Alchemy – Doge –  French bulldog – Cream (older gacha)
l&e Boho rings A left and A&B right silver (Vista Bento hands) (tinted)
[P] Pillows, Cinderella Hunt: Bracelette

In these shots:
stones I. 8 pcs = 1 prim
Stone Bundle Scene by Felix 3 Prim 15×15 M Size copy-mody (grass part with my own texture on it)
Beach edge 1 (Curtsey of Willowdale)
Willowdale wave – shallow (Curtsye of Willowdale)
Beach sand blur (Curtsye of Willowdale)
JVTEK LandMap scanner
JVTEK LandMap finished and textured with my own texture

Enchanted Woods v2 – 6 (slope)
[DDD] Low Poly Tree – Small – D
LAQ Decor ~ Medium Birch (Summer) – Animated
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall with Door and without
Trompe Loeil – Ceres Lamp Post
[DDD] Low Poly Tree – Large –
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade: Venice Palazzo Vinci MC Prefab 1B
Waterfall and rock wall in the background (Curtsey of Willodale)

Getting the Garden Together

Getting the garde together closeup

I got started on the garden, and this time it is going the right way! Yaay! After several fails I finally got on the right track and the garden is coming along nicely. I made myself this makeshift conservatory, or greenhouse, I am not sure what name one normally use. But anyway, it is made of some mesh walls I got ages ago from ZimberLab and some lovely textures from even longer back. As you all hopefully know by now I am a big fan of the old goldies. I am looking for a a more detailed conservatory in mesh to put up instead of this one, but so far I haven’t found one to my linking that is not a boatload of prims, so textures it is for now.
I really like how the conservatory turned out though. At first I tried with the old and/or broken glass in, but then I went nuts with the alpha masking and boom – there we go. A naked greenhouse with all it’s rusty bits hanging out. It actually feels more cozy like this, god knows why, haha.
To road test it I threw together this quick scene inside and snapped a few shots. I used mostly Deco(c)rate items and my trusted old fern specimens from Apple Fall, and a new addition to my AF collection. More about that later;)

Getting the garden together

The Twisted Tree from Skye is another new addition to my garden. Have had my eyes on it for a while, but I think twice before splurging on a tree of this L$ magnitude. It is worth it though and it changes with the season on touch, which is great! And it adds a wonderful touch of character to my little land.

Now to the news from Apple Fall. It is their contribution to Mad Peas Feed a Smile International Food Fair. I don’t go to events often as my budget rarely allows for it, but if my eyes stick to a particular item being sold only on that fair my interest is peaked. And this is what happened when I saw AF’s notecard about their item. I love macarons in the real world, I love making them and eating them so it only makes sense to get some in Second Life as well. And this Macaron Decor set is so beautifully made. You get both items, the box and the sketchbook and they are 1 LI each which is amazing for people like me who love to overstuff their land with all sorts of knick knack. The textures are great as always and I love the small leaves scattered over and around the box.

Getting the garden together Apple Fall closeup

DOUX – Veronique Hairstyle [M]
-Pixicat- Fall.Sweater – Cream (Maitreya)
Blueberry – Cake Leggings – Regular – Maitreya
Deviance – Milady’s Slipper (Melon)

Skye WhiteBox Textures – Broken Windows
AF Fern Specimen
Second Spaces – Mood Lighting – skyline – left
Second Spaces – Mood Lighting – circle – right
.:revival:. slim chair II – Deco(c)rate
.:revival:. elegant rug
Apple Fall Macarons in Box
Apple Fall Macarons on Sketchbook
[ keke ] refurbished spring drawer
*HEXtraordinary* Antique Cherub Lamp
Botanical – Forest Ruins Tower Ivy 5
Skye Twisted Tree
Stone Bundle Scene by Felix 3 Prim
LAQ Decor ~ Twin Birch (Summer) – Animated
. a i s l i n g . Old Fountain
LAQ Decor ~ Mossy Stonewall

Stripped for Ideas!

Stripped for ideas portriat

You know when you have this glorious idea in your head about something and then you try to make it a reality right? And when you do it looks nothing like you imagined and you can’t for the life of you find out what is wrong. That has been me with my little piece of land in Second Life for the last few days. It has looked about the same since I moved in here last year and I have been wanting to make it over for this summer.
So today, I took the plunge, removed most of my landscaping, reverted my terraforming, grabbed my house with furniture and all and started playing around. After the first tries I fathomed my mistake though. I have had this idea in my head for a while, but obviously it was not done forming in there and really not ready to come out. So here I am stuck with a land that looks nothing like I want for all my neighbours to see, haha.
I really wanted to have some nice pictures of my land to show you guys since terraforming and landscaping has been one of my passions for years but alas, here we are. And you just get a tiny bit of it. I really like the lonely lamp post though, so I might keep that somewhere.

Stripped for ideas

It is not all bad though as I treated myself to some new stuff again. I got a new hair from Doux and this jacket from TETRA, one of my favourite stores. I really like this shade of red from Doux, it is so much lighter than most other brands and strangely I have been craving lighter and lighter hair. As I have mentioned I started with black hair and now I am pushing blond! Where will this end?!
Anyway moving on: This jacket Open Back Jacket from TETRA is so lovely. Really simple crop top style from the front but with a lovely open back. I adore it even though my new hair is covering the drama. It goes wonderfully with my TETRA pencil skirt too.

So I’ll round this off here with disappointment but hopes for the future. I think I’ll even do a post on what I use to change my ground texture. Now that I am looking forward to.
See you all soon ❤

What I am stripped for ideas in:

DOUX – Veronique Hairstyle [M]
L’Etre. Les accessoires – Veronique flower crown
TETRA – Open Back Jacket (Pink) – Maitreya
TETRA – Pencil Skirt (Rose) – Maitreya
Zoe Heels by Alpha Female

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Lamp Post
[DDD] Traditional Grass
[DDD] Traditional Grass (with my own reed texture)
Stone Bundle Scene by Felix 3 Prim 15×15 M Size copy-mody (with my own grass texture)
Everything else is curtsy of Willowdale Estate

Falling angel

falling angel 1

falling angel 2


falling angel 3

falling angel 4

Those nights when you can’t sleep because you got an idea for a photo and you try to figure out how to translate it into Second Life.
That was me about 4 am last night, The idea looked quite different than the finished product, but I still like it.

Except for the wings I shopped my inventory for this one with old hair and applier lingerie.

Poses made with Animare Pose & Animation system
lassitude & ennui Seraphim wings – rainbow
.Olive. the Flutterbee Hair – Redheads
*BE Designs* – Audrey. Omega Appliers HUD


Some days I Just feel the need to escape to a serene place. A place where no problems can enter and no worries appear.


I don’t like cherubs really. I have been gifted many over the years by unknowing relatives and well meaning aunts, but I never liked them. I tried. Very hard, but nope!

Then I got this antique cherub lamp from HEXtraordianry in this months Deco(c)rate) and my first thought was ‘great! I hate those things.’ But I told myself to put it out and see if I could make it work. It is very well made after all, and I do like lamps. I have a major thing for lamps really. So I put the lamp in my hallway, positioned my camera and was hit with a sensation of peace and tranquility. Nothing in view outside but dry grass, some branches and miles of ocean an sky. I really feel like the lamp on the Scarlet Creative console makes this snapshot. I don’t know how or why but it just works, at least it does for me right now and that is nice.

Have a great weekend guys ❤

*HEXtraordinary* Antique Cherub Lamp
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade:  Venice Console White MT
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade: Venice Palazzo Vinci MC Prefab 1
[DDD] Low Poly Tree – Small – D
PPK Mesh wood docks rustic

Deco(c)rate “Timeless Romance”

Let me first get this out of the way: “Squeeeeel!”

February Deco(c)crate dark 08.02.2017_003

Ok, I am good!
As you might have guessed from the title and my noises of joy the February Deco(c)rate has arrived. And this months theme was Timeless Romance. I logged on and went straight to work this morning, not even bothering with coffee or breakfast first.
At first I was not sure what to do with the shineys I had received this month, but as I found after the first cup of coffee I was just a bit overwhelmed and after some errands in the real world, I came back to SL to have fun with my new stuff.
February Deco(c)crate fashionably light 08.02.2017_003
One of my absolute favourite items in this months crate was the Stockholm&Lima Lover’s Trail his and hers so I built my scene around that. And since valentines day is coming up and romance was the theme of the month it really made sense to stick to the bedroom.

When I put together a scene I always imagine a story to go with it, nothing long or elaborate, just something to explain to myself how and why things have ended up where they have. In my post I made Coffee and Apple Pie you guys got a glimpse of how one of these stories go in my mind.
With this photo the story started with the Lover’s Trail and in my mind they lead from the repurposed cart from Sari-Sari over to that lovely Ginny bed from MudHoney. That is just my basic story and from there I added in all the little stuff I felt the scene needed.
The only problems I had with this scene was which light to shoot it in and that the bed is too neatly made. I feel like it could have looked even better if it was a bit more messy. It certainly would fit my story just a tad better that way;) I did several snapshots in different lighting but landed on two favourites, fashionably light and a dark late afternoon version. I really can’t decide on which one is my favourite so I included both in this post. Which do you guys like best?

The surroundings my story is unfolding (or has unfolded) in:

Sari-Sari – Repurposed Cart
[ keke ] refurbished spring drawer
Serenity Style- All for love suitcase
Serenity Style- All for love roses
Second Spaces – Mood Lighting – tabletop2
:CP: Forgotten Places Fireplace – Fresh
Pewpew! Little Rounded Candle
MudHoney Ginny Bed Adult – Vintage
*HEXtraordinary* Antique Cherub Lamp
Stockholm&Lima:Lover’s Trail-His
Stockholm&Lima:Lover’s Trail-Hers
Vagabond – Brielle’s Valance (only the stringlights)
.:revival:. elegant rug
Bazar Forest – Pavilion (with my own lace curtain texture at this time)
Trompe Loeil – Stringlights With Photos Mirror
LAQ Decor ~ Bedside Table (Right)
Soy. One gerbera in beer bottle vase
Bazar Forest – Candle aForest – Candle a
LAQ Decor ~ Curtains
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade: Venice Palazzo Vinci MC Prefab 1

Vista vs Tuty’s bento mesh hands

Vista and Tuty's bento hands

So I just learned that Tuty’s have released their Bento mesh hands and me, thrilled with the idea of more bento hands on the market popped over to their store to pick up a demo!
Arriving at the store I could easily tell where the hands were located by all the green dots on my mini map. It is in their Animations section of the store. Tp via the map located next to you on the landing point, or walk straight forward to the entrance where it says “Animations” and you’ll find it. Turns out there were more new shinys to look at too. They have upgraded their It Girl AO to include bento movements for the hands, Yay! I picked up the demo hands and hoped up to demo the AO. I never fell for the It Girl AO when it was first released, but that is only because it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time, but it is well made as all Tuty’s AOs and I really love the bento upgrade. Also, the sits are always very nice with these AO’s and are taken that extra mile by the new bento movements.

As I own the Vista hands I thought I would compare the two and how they perform each others included static poses.

Now to the hands themselves: At first glance the Tuty’s hands look more slender and longer but I think that the length is perhaps just an illusion since the fingers themselves are thiner. I kinda like the look of these more narrow hands and the HUD provided gives you oh so many options for finger nail shapes and lengths. You got squares and rounds and almonds and a bunch of nail polishes to choose from. I also really like the skins that come with the hands, I guess they go with the Tuty’s skins? I haven’t really worn their skins in years, again as they were not my taste. I always found them quite beautiful though. But anyway the included skins are very detailed and the tones are very nice.

Now onto the animations: While wearing one of each I demoed the It Girl AO and watched how the hands moved. I find that the Tuty’s hands work just as well as the Vista ones, at least as far as I can see.
Testing the Vista static hand poses on the Tuty’s hands worked pretty well too. As the rigging is different it will not look exactly the same, but I would work for me. Only the closed fist were not completely closed when using the Vista poses. So that is something to keep in mind same with the Tuty’s animations on the Vista hands the closed fist looks off since the fist is closed too much, and as you can see in the picture the thumb nail sticks out through the other fingers on the Vista hand. Nothing of this makes the other hand better than the other though, it all comes down to preference really. And both bento hands look really nice and both have a slight gap on me when you put your camera at the hand and look up towards the arm. That could be something I have done wrong of course and it doesn’t bother me at all as it is hardly visible.
The only negative I can spot on the Tuty’s bento hands are on the thumb on the longer nail settings. The nail look a bit wonky at the tip almost like the nailpolish has pooled down at the tip. I don’t think I would be a deal breaker for me if I decided to buy these hands as I am sure they will be updated at a later point, I just thought I would mention it.
As to why I have not bought the hands myself, I simply can’t afford to buy them at this point. I also, in addition to my Vista bento hands own both the Maitreya and the Slink hands, which I have heard will be updated to bento, so I don’t feel the need for another pair of hands just yet.
The price of the Tuty’s hands are 750L$ and has developers kit for mesh and skin creators so I bet we will have some lovely stuff available for these hands soon.

But now I have rambled on long enough. Go pick up the demos for yourself and have a look:)
Update: I have learned that the Tuty’s Bento Hands System is now update with a fix on the nails and Omega compatibility. The Omega system installer will be available very soon.

Tuty’s Mainstore:

TUTY BENTO female HANDS System on Marketplace:

It Girl AO on Marketplace:

A Trip to Casablanca Movie Set!

Casablanca movie set

Have you ever seen the movie Casablanca? If not go do that and/or check out this link:
About three weeks ago I came across this lovely video on Youtube made by some awesome people in Second Life. They made their own version of the movie classic and it looks pretty awesome.
Finally I got around to visit the Casablanca movie set, and it is just as lovely in SL as in the movie on Youtube, I almost wrote RL instead of SL there, hehe.
When you first land after your teleport, classy tunes hits your radio and you are greeted by a gang of paparazzis. The spotlight and camera is on you before you are even rezzed and the plane is parked behind you. As your surroundings come into focus you see the arch leading onto the set and you are in action.
From there attention to detail hits you in the face and you are sucked in through the street while your eyes dart all around.

Casablanca movie set
And if you are like me you likely took a moment and changed into something more appropriate than leggings, boots and an oversized sweater. Say I am not alone!
As you follow the cobblestones, Rick’s Cafè Amèricain comes up on your left, the only building you can enter, as this is ‘just’ a movie set, but inside Rick’s there is a whole other world. I have never been to a move set in RL, but if they look anything like this I think I am gonna have to rethink my career. The lovingly decorated outside continues inside the cafè. All new pretty mesh furniture, pictures and movie posters from the Casablanca movie and neat little things like drinks and ashtrays are scattered throughout the cafè.
As a decorating lover in SL I can’t help but get week in the knees when visiting this sim *wobbles ever so classy over to the nearest chair to keep herself from swooning*
Well, I think I’ll end it here and let you guys go visit this amazing place for yourself.
I’ll hang out here and take in the surroundings a bit longer. Have a wonderful weekend!
Casablanca movie set
What I am swooning in:

Magika – Honey Whiskey
l&e Boho rings silver (Vista Bento hands) (tinted)
-Pixicat- Thorn.Dress (Maitreya) RARE
Plastix : Fur Coat (S-)
Medusa Shoes Patent Coral By Similar
Laika Cigarette (SM – wear)

[LB Solids Metallic S1 Red] *Slink & Omega* Manicure
alaskametro<3 “#onfleek” makeup TESTER – Omega appliers (eyeshadow only)
L’Etre – Sarah lipstick [#5] (also wearing a lip tint I made myself over top of this)