Catwa Bento Head Update and New Skin.

Or new skin to me I should say, as usual I am terribly behind on that front as this skin was released around 29th of December! Better late than never eh? But on to the post now, sorry.


Headshot catya 2

Yesterday I splurged on a new skin for my Catya bento mesh head. I buy skins very rarely and most often when I feel the need for a complete makeover. Can you believe I used to have white skin, pitch black hair and live in a crypt? No? me neitherO.o
Well, anyway. I got this beautiful skin called Cindy made for Catya from L’etre and I really love how it looks, the face is nice and bright with lovely lip texture. Lips are one of the most important parts for me when I choose my skins, and the eyelids. I need them to look smooth when the eyes are closed. No blurry lashline or anything like that.
The eyelids were actually one of my pet peeves with this mesh head too. The rigging made the textured crease stretch down in the outer part of the eye lid and made it look really odd. Today, however I woke up to the amazing updated mesh head from Catwa. (You angel you!) And not only is the rigging way smoother and makes my high cheekbones look like something to die for, but the eyelids now look the way I want them to. There is no editing what so ever on my mesh bits in these pictures!
I know the main problem for many with the Catya head was the eyelashes when the eyes were closed. Funny enough I was more bothered by the lid and how it looked with all of my preferred skins (3) but now both look perfect. And I have been sleeping since I got the update, just staring at my pretty face, hehe. (Creepy, I know<.<!)

On another note, I wanted to mention something I consider a Second Life classic: the LAQ bedside tables I got in my bedroom. I have had them since they were released in September 2012. (I am not old, I promise!) I ran and bought the whole furniture set and the Picturesque cottage from LAQ and completely redid my home from prim to mesh in a hurry. I followed up by getting all the new indoor releases from them in the following years except for the kitchen as I never loved it enough to justify the price. It is damn pretty though!
I do think that Winter DiPrima set their stamp on many SL homes for years to come. With their amazing attention to detail and wonderful low land impact furniture items, and I consider them SL classics. I don’t think they ever will go out of style. And they have held up wonderfully over the years.


But enough about my furniture, ye all came to see my new shiny right? The one thing I am not the last to get around to. So to round off this blog post: I love the new Catya update, just look how pretty she is in this shot! Lately I have felt the need to go without makeup or long lashes as the beauty of this mesh head speaks for itself. She doesn’t need anything to enhance her, she simply is beauty! With a little help from L’etre of course. Although that said, I do feel a lot less like mself in this last shot. It looks very model portefolio-esque. But at least I hope it gets me point across, I hope. Now to get into my less than perfect hair and SLouching outfit and relax. See you soon!

What I am wearing:

::Bold & Beauty:: Hair ::  Avery. (NON RIG)
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.08 (Newest version is now 2.10!)
L’Etre – Cindy Skin [Pearl Tone]
Rowne Salon.Sasha Hair.Medium

In this shot:
Bazar Traveler-Double bed
Bazar Forest – Pavilion
LAQ Decor ~ Bedside Table (Left)
LAQ Decor ~ Bedside Table (Right)
Soy. One gerbera in beer bottle vase

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