Apple Fall in the sun

Apple Fall in the sun

You know when you want something, but always put it off because there is something else you want more? That was me with this chair. I saw it released, wanted it, forgot about it by the time I earned or bought more lindens. Remembered it when I had no more lindens left and so on. But yesterday I finally got to take it home!
I chose the Paint version since I thought the stains, scratches and overall worn look contrasted so well with the elegance of the chair itself. But I can see myself get both the leather one and the pristine white one. They are all so very, very, very pretty!
Apple Fall has long been a favourite store of mine, and I own several pieces from them that I can’t live without!

I am enjoying the sun in:
*JB* Harvest Dress – Blush –…ndard/8106916

In this shot:
Apple Fall Bea Reading Chair (Paint)…Paint/7856945

Life of Me – Granny’s Crapola Ashtray – Teal (cig giver)…-Teal/3923270

8f8 – Silent Light – Winter (Deco(c)rate)
[DDD] Low Poly Tree – Large –…-Pack/5918968

LAQ Decor ~ Medium Birch (Winter) –…-Pack/4750277

DDD_Snow piles a (could not find a link to this item)

Cup coffee, I am sorry it doesn’t say a name as I have probably picked it of off another build I have bought, but here is link to MP store of the

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