I made coffee and apple pie!

I made coffe and apple pie

-So this is probably gonna be a long post, but I felt like this was a good a day as any to make a more thorough introduction of myself. I wanted to share a bit more of my SL story and how I ended up here and a bit about my life in general. But first, please come into my kitchen. It’s warm and cozy and I made coffee and apple pie.
I always gotta have my french press coffee in the morning, but I only make apple pie when I have guests coming over.
Are you all set? Well. I’ll start my self centered ramble then. *smiles* Hope I don’t scare you away.

I found Second Life not long after I got to know my now husband in RL and SL. (Found him in late 2007 and SL 07/05/2008). At first I was not sure what the deal with this game was, but I saw the virtual world in one of my favourite TV shows, CSI. Gotta try it, TV told me so! If you are not a Second Life resident you might wanna check out this site to see what it is all about: http://secondlife.com/
I stumbled about and experienced lag soup so thick that I could not move at all, but stubborn me just fought through it and crashed more times than I can count. It is kinda embarrassing to tell you about because most people would have written this mess off at that point. I didn’t until I got bored with having no friends.

I don’t really remember what rekindled my love for Second Life about a year later. Probably boredom again, hehe. But this time I stayed. I found friends and joined the Bloodlines game. It didn’t quite agree with my introvert personality, but I had friends around me and I liked that. My SL sister taught me how to build using prims and I devoured her lessons whole and, even if I do say so myself, caught on rather quickly. Not to say I was or am a master architect, oh, no! But I got the idea pretty fast. The Bloodlines clan of mine eventually ended though and the family with it sad to say. But I think it was right for everyone at that time.


-How is your coffee? Need a refill? Maybe some lemonade? I’ll have another slice of that pie myself. Please just grab some if you want any. I am dangerous in close proximity of delicious foods, hehe.

When I was on my own in SL again I started getting really into building and decorating. I had gotten my first taste of having a place to stay at the Bloodlines clan land and now I rented my own skybox for the first time. I also started the habit of a monthly Linden $ allowance. And with money, an empty skybox and all the wonders of Second Life creators at my fingertips I went nuts. To put it simply.


I spent glorious years buying and decorating houses and gardens and had a blast. I tried some role play in between, but I never really stuck with any except one and I stayed with that one till it closed.
Seems all the things I love in SL goes away except for my love of decorating. Don’t get me wrong, I am not mad at any of the people who moved on. Life just happens and I would not trade any of the memories for anything!

Well, this puts me approximately at this point in time. Only thing happening in between is that I got the place I live at today. Wonderful Willowdale Estate. Check it out if you are in the market for a new place to call home. (I am not sponsored by Willowdale, I don’t get free rent or anything I just love the place!) I had to get on a waitinglist to get the amazing corner lot I am on, it was so worth it to get the sunset view!  I’ll be sure to show off more of my place when the spring comes. Right now it is a mess, trust me!

In my blogging loft

-Well, thanks for staying. I hope I didn’t bore you to death, I had a good time myself, and would love it if you dropped by again sometime soon. I know I said I’d blog weekly or monthly, but I feel the need to familiarize myself with WordPress and how all of this work, so please bear with me untill I get myself into a routine.

Please tell me your SL story if you feel like it. I love a great story! Not that mine was that spectacular, hehe.
See you soon then!

What I am serving you coffee and pie in:

Blueberry – Gwen – Cardigan Dress in Beige – Maitreya
Posh socks by Mag

In kitchen shot:

Pose from: floorplan. radiator / cream

{what next} Cafe Memo Board
[DDD] Cozy Country Kitchen Sink & Cabinets
dust bunny . small spaces kitchen
{af} 1st Day of Christmas – Coffee Maker
Coffee cup (borrowed from one of my Bazar purchases)
dust bunny . apple pie
dust bunny . wanderlust . bread basket
dust bunny . toaster . color change
-tb- Kitchen Basics – Scale (Red)
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Trompe Loeil – Star Duo Ground Lamps Gold & White (tinted)
Agora – Recipe book (part of a kitchen set)
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Refrigerator

In loft shot:

floorplan. butterfly diagram print
floorplan. library canvas
6. Apple Fall Shauna’s Chair 1
Second Spaces – Frozen Elegance Table
[DDD] Clutter Pile – Flowers & Nostalgia
[DDD] Clutter Pile – Vain Vanity
LAQ Decor ~ Laptop
Apple Fall Key Lamp (Nickel) (tinted)
*FG* Coffee Mug_(Decor)_Pink
floorplan. sketchbook (retextured with the wonderful ads groups send me:D)
Trompe Loeil – Stringlights With Photos Mirror
{what next}  Little Haven Portable TV (white) (only bunny ears vissible)

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