Just to get a feel for this blog thingy, here is some more Deco(c)rate

Some more Deco(c)rate

Or rather yet another shot of the same scene just with slighty different angle and lighting. Also seems I am merging my Flickr and my blog slightly today, but why not. Gotta get some stuff on here so you guys have something to look at when you visit. It’s like inviting your frinds over to your new house that you loud an proud wanna show off, but then there is nothing in it. It’s an empty box and nothing to see. Not that there is anything wrong with your box. I am not judging.

Anyway. My reason for this post today is something quite simple that makes all the difference. Like salt I guess. Only it is not salt, it’s a windlight. Not salt. Really.

The big hero of the day is the pinkpurple WL found in the Firestorm viewer. I have never used it before, but I stumbled uppon it a few days ago. I played round with the sliders and landed on the result you see in the picture of todys post. It suits my mood as the pictures I take with it feels kind of dreamy and serene. Not that I have been feeling neither dreamy nor serene lately, but I think it was exactly those feelings I needed a boost of. Doesn’t the Scarlet Creative Venice Palazzo look gorgeous in these hues too? Doesn’t everything look amazing in these hues?

Scarlet Creative – The Arcade: Venice Palazzo Vinci MC Prefab 1, MudHoney Clara Settee – White (tinted), BackBone Champagne Glasses (December Deco(c)rate), .:revival:. elegant rug, Vagabond – Ophelia’s Room Divider (Animated), ARIA – Elah Tufted Soft Bench, Forest – Candle b ( from the Bazar Forest Dining set), LAQ Decor ~ Coffee Table, AF Fern Specimen, +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua – Attention Pls, Bowl of oranges (Kitty Cats calendar gift), Bazar Forest Dining set (tinted), Serenity Style- Warm Winter Puf, Serenity Style- Warm Winter Puf Drape, Buddha_Statue, LAQ Decor ~ Twin Birch (Winter) – Animated, Reeds texture made by me, .:revival:. sad tree light (I removed the tree and kept the pillows)

What I am wearing:

Almost always:
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head

L’etre Sara applier for Catwa and matching body applier for Maitreya, Slink and Omega in Pearl
SN Fae mesh ears
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe
Vista Prohand right V.1 FINAL
Vista Prohand left V.1 FINAL
*{Junbug}* Edwardian Engagement Ring [Rose Gold] (and a few other rings made by me and not for sale)
Catwa Rigged Eyes Catya (with home made texture. Or texture from the Catwa Eyes hud)

In this shot:

TD Corina Mesh Long Sweater MAITREYA LooseFit

=Zenith=Winter Leather Fur Boots (Rose) -Maitreya

DOUX – Lorena Hairstyle [M // CATWA]

Link to my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133832776@N03/


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